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Google+ for business

A good checklist for adding your business to Google Plus (and a couple of reference sites)

Top 10 advice tips
1. Get the +1 Button on your sites
2. Determine who will be the Business Profile admin
3. Gather assets for business profile (pics, videos, posts, etc)
4. Create Business Page
5. Verify Business Page by installing rel=publisher in homepage
6. Create post content
7. Promote your profile to get circles
8. Determine your circle segmentation strategy
9. Post, Post, Post
10. Engage your customers

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Click-to-call enhancement for Google AdWords text ads

A really useful addition to Adwords; particularly for mobile advertisers

From: Google AdWords <>
Subject: Important Click-to-call enhancement to Google AdWords text ads
Date: 2 December 2011 23:02:42 GMT
To: Simon Surtees

Dear AdWords Advertiser,If you currently have a phone number in your ad text or have plans to start adding your phone number in an ad, this is an important notice that in the coming weeks, we will be launching a new enhancement to AdWords ads that will impact charges on clicks to these numbers.

To help our mobile users connect more easily with advertisers, all non-clickable phone numbers displayed in AdWords ad text will be automatically converted into a Click-to-call number.  Currently when advertisers enter a phone number directly into their ad text instead of using Call Extensions, the phone number is not clickable and will not generate a call. This can be a frustrating experience for mobile users who attempt to initiate a call to this phone number.The new Click-to-call enhancement ensures that all phone numbers shown in AdWords ads are clickable and allows users to easily place calls from their mobile device. If your ad text includes a phone number, you will begin to receive clicks and calls on this number once the enhancement is enabled in your account. As with phone calls placed via a Call Extension, you will be charged for clicks on your phone number that result in a call.

Please note that AdWords policy does not allow for phone numbers to be inserted into ad headlines. As with all Click-to-call ads, advertisers will be charged when a user either clicks on the headline or the phone number listed in the ad. Please see below for additional information regarding this change.Which phone number shows?

If you are currently using both Call Extensions and a phone number in your ad creative, only the newly clickable phone number in your ad creative will show. This is designed to help reduce user confusion from seeing two potentially different numbers.  If you would like your Call Extension number to display, simply delete all phone numbers from your existing ad text by following these steps. You’ll also receive an additional line of ad text displaying your phone number if the Call Extension is used.Measuring results

You’ll be able to review how many calls you receive on the clickable phone number listed in your ad text for each campaign, ad group, keyword and ad on the ‘Campaigns’ tab in your AdWords account. Just select the ‘Click-type’ option under the ‘Segment’ drop down and view your report.  Please note that since these are not calls generated from a Call Extension, they will not be reported in the Extensions tab reports.Recommendations for featuring a phone number

You can simply leave your phone number in your ad text and benefit from this change which will automatically make your phone numbers clickable and enable users to call you. However, to get the most value from click-to-call, we recommend that you remove your phone number from your ad creative and create a Call Extension with your phone number directly.  This has several benefits. With a manually created Call Extension your number will appear as an additional line of ad text which frees up space in your ad creative for other promotion. In addition, when you create a Call Extension, your phone number appears on a separate line in the ad, and you’re able to take advantage of other powerful enhancements such as Vanity Numbers, Call-only and Call Metrics reporting.We are committed to providing our users with the best mobile web experience and encourage you to learn more about Call Extensions by visiting our Help Center.

The Google AdWords Team

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Google Checkout is becoming part of Google Wallet. Part of NFC next year?

Interesting… will this be the start of proper integration with NFC enabled facilities next year?

From: Google Checkout <>
Subject: Google Checkout is becoming part of Google Wallet

Thank you for using Google Checkout. We’re writing about an important change coming to Google Checkout over the next few months - Google Checkout is becoming part of Google Wallet. To help you learn more about this transition, we’ll be hosting a webinar (
Please note that space in the webinar is limited, but we’ll have a recording posted for those who aren’t able to attend.Google Wallet is a virtual wallet that securely stores payment information and makes paying fast both online and in-store. On the web, buyers simply click a Google Wallet button to make quick and secure purchases with their saved payment information. Buyers can also use the Google Wallet mobile app to make purchases at thousands of retail store locations with just a tap of the phone.

Google Checkout buyers will now manage all Google Checkout and Google Wallet orders at Buyers will be able to make purchases with their existing accounts at sites that accept either Google Checkout or Google Wallet.At this time, there’s no action required from you. In early 2012, we’ll ask merchants, organizations and developers who use Google Checkout to sell items or collect donations to change any website text that talks about Google Checkout to Google Wallet. No additional integration or other technical updates will be necessary. If you use Google Checkout through a third party shopping cart, your cart provider will make any necessary changes.

If you have questions or want to learn more, please attend or view our webinar and visit our website ( We’re looking forward to bringing these new Google Wallet features to your customers and will email you again in the next few months to let you know when to expect the Google Wallet button. Sincerely,

The Google Checkout Team© 2011 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Checkout account.

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2010 Open Source CMS - market share report

Courtesy of Water & Stone
There’s a lot to digest in here (admittedly from a discrete data set), but one particularly interesting trend is the ‘voice’ that Drupal has, particularly amongst social media and Twitter - far higher than you would expect based on the active number of users. You could draw many false conclusions from it, but it could potentially suggest that Drupal users are a) more passionate about their chosen CMS or b) generally more vocal.

It certainly throws up a few questions as to the direction of the big 3, and from my perspective, how they will occupy the enterprise domain.

2010 OSCMS Report.pdf Download this file

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200 years of economic & health welfare

I think this is why I love visualization techniques and infographics so much. Unless you have a ‘Savant’ bent, it’s simply not possible to dissemble this amount of information, and form any meaningful conclusions from the data.

Pretty fascinating if you ask me.